Hey you. Yes, YOU! So tell me. What are you happy about today? Is it the fact that perhaps you got to have a sleep in OR maybe you got a free upgrade from a medium to large at BOOST JUICE / STARBUCKS? Well mine was actually feeling a lot better after having a dreadful week of being sick. The flu, a cold, headaches… ahh the list goes on. And on top of that, uni started on Monday and I missed my first day – great start to a fresh new semester! Haha.

But that’s okay, because that gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down and appreciate little things in life. I don’t sit down nearly enough to take in life and appreciate what I have. I’m constantly wishing what more could I have? What more could I do? But you know what, there are already things that should make you smile. Even the simplest of things. Here are some of my favourite things that make me smile!


1. Opening the curtains/blinds in the morning and letting the sunlight in
2. Finding a good book that you just can’t put down
3. Sleeping early – and I mean EARLY!
4. The warmth of heater on a chilly day – ahh cosy movie night in, anyone?
5. Putting moisturiser on after your skin feels super stretched and dry
6. Cleaning a horribly messy room (clothes on the table, beauty products EEERRY where, ya feel?)
7. Finding the sweetest Strawberry (this is what I live for)
8. CHRISTMAS COOKIE candle scent taking over the room – Christmas in July?
9. Having a good run/walk on the treadmill after not exercising for AGESSSS
10. Getting a good grade on an assignment you did the night before (We’ve all been there right, how good does it feel?!)
11. Buying something on sale and seeing the prices go back up a few days later
12. Rainy days spent watching movies, without a worry in the world. (Okay so, this is actually very true but here’s a confession: I just HAD to make my list an even number, OCD central!)

What are some of your ‘make you smile’ moments? x