I can’t remember the last time I treated myself to a well above my price range, full priced dress. In fact, I don’t think I had (apart from my lovely family gifting me) actually purchased a full priced dress. I always opt for the ‘sale’ items or even clothes that are $20 and below.

I was browsing through my Facebook feed when I was introduced to the online store Peppermayo. Of course i had seen very similar boutiques every now and then but going onto their websites and seeing their $50 and above dresses didn’t actually reel me in at all. Sure, they were pretty but they weren’t clothes that i would throw myself at or feel the need to buy straightaway. That was until I jumped onto Peppermayo. Peppermayo has beautiful, the most gorgeous dresses with beautiful styles and patterns that I haven’t seen. I’m not the one to buy online unless I’ve been into the store myself to try on and get my size, but with the most beautiful clothes I had seen, I couldn’t resist (Peppermayo is purely an online store). Ladies, if you’re anything like me and are hesitant to buy clothes online without trying them on, then don’t worry – the sizing guide on Peppermayo speaks the truth and plus, you can return/exchange any full priced item! Shipping was very fast as well! The dresses arrived in 3 days!

I bought 3 dresses on Peppermayo. All three were in fact some of the priciest dresses I’ve ever bought but having my hands on them today, I can confirm that they were well worth it – good buy in my opinion. The dresses i bought were:

Brooklyn Dress: Love love the long sleeves and the unique tartan style print. The dress looks very flattering on and its the perfect shape and cut! Super warming for the winter months too!

Grid Me Dress: The sleeves caught my eye at first. The overall dress with the sleeves look super unique but also looks very girly. I also love the simple elegant grid pattern on the dress. Not too dressed up but just enough pattern for a uni day!

Autumn Dance Dress: I love the print and the cut of the dress. It’s got flowy sleeves with a ruffled bottom which adds class and glamour. It’s definitely a spring dress and i can’t wait to wear it!

All three dresses are super comfy, beautiful and perfect fitting. I love them all. $90 well spent!

*Please note that this post was written in advance so some of the links don’t work. Please do keep a lookout though – I’m sure it’ll be in stock again soon!