Hii everyone! Veering away from the fashion/beauty category, today I thought I’d write up a post on fitness apps you NEED to try. ASAP. Seriously. I try to get in at least 30 minutes (if not more) of exercise every day with Saturday being my lazy rest day. So if you feel like helping out a charity while you go for a run or spicing up your fitness routine a little, here are some apps that I’ve been loving this month!

1. Charity Miles

This app uses your GPS location service on your phone to track the route you are taking on your walk or run to measure how many K’s or Miles you’ve done. And bonus; every time you go for a walk or a run and ultimately – every K/Mile you run, the app donates to charity on your behalf. It’s great knowing that you’re helping out charities while staying fit and active for yourself! I’ve heard that this app is absolutely brilliant. I can’t say so myself because I do use the treadmill on a daily basis (even though I should be getting some fresh air!), however I have registered and hope to give this a go soon! Although, beware pre paid & post paid users, this app does require your data (3G or 4G) so if you don’t have enough data for the location service on your phone, i would stay clear. $FREE

2. Zombies, Run!

Okay, get ready for a much more exiting app. It’s a bit on the pricier side ($4 for the first version) but totally worth it! Interestingly, I’ve actually noticed that I’ve ran a lot more and i don’t even even get bored… in fact, i look forward to my daily exercise! As soon as you step outside (or on a treadmill) the app tells you about the surroundings. You are a civil human being trying to rescue yourself from a Zombie apocalypse (like you’re in a movie!!), and you must RUN for your life and DODGE obstacles on your run. This app gets you in the mood on a fun adventure and it works for runs, walks and even on treadmills – bonus! Check out the app’s website HERE. $4.49 (iTunes). $4.29 (Android/google play)

3. Nike Training Club

Are you a beginner looking to step up your fitness regime? The nike training club lets you choose your current or preferred fitness level and gives you a whole list of workouts to do. It has a timer so from the moment you click ‘start’ the timer starts with each workout. If your device’s volume is high, then it also tells you when its time to switch the workout – making it so much easier to concentrate on the workout! $FREE

4. Yoga Studio

Are you feeling a little lazy today? Don’t feel like working out or doing anything physical? Well get ready to watch your favourite movie all while unwinding yourself and strengthening your body. Yes, yoga studio is brilliant. There are so many ‘ready made’ classes to choose from including picking from what you’re looking for; ability, focus & duration. You can also create your own classes choosing the poses and incorporating them into one class so every part of your body is targeted and so that the workout is a bit more suited and personalised for you. What are you waiting for, download it now! $2.99 (iTunes) – Daily yoga is a great alternative for android/google play users!


Okay, so I know this isn’t exactly a fitness app as such but heres a great tip – if you’re like me and like to sit down in the morning for 30 minutes or so catching up on some youtube/episodes you’ve missed then keep reading. Every morning I would wake up and get ready to watch some videos while happily eating my breakfast. I realised that even if I make a promise to myself to only watch one, JUST one video, it ends up being 4 or 5 videos. So… make a youtube account if you haven’t already and when you sit down in front of your laptop in the morning, go on youtube and add all the videos you’d like to watch to the ‘watch later’ list. I know its very tempting to click on that one video but DON’T! Then, you’ll be super excited to watch the videos so why not hop on the treadmill in the afternoon or do some yoga while catching up on these videos! The time will fly by so fast and you’ll also have finished a good 30 minutes (if not more) of working out! $FREE

What are some of your favourite things to do while working out?