I am totally 100% envious of celebrities. I mean, Kim K walking around in that Prada outfit one day and Gucci the next?! Hmm. Meanwhile I’m here looking for clothes on sale, haha. Although I do assure you I’ve actually bought clothes on full price… Maybe once… maybe twice. If you’d like to see my review on full priced clothing I bought from Peppermayo, click HERE. But seriously, back to Kimmy K. What? Like please, can that be me? But anyway, today’s post is a few celeb inspirations – not Kim K but ya know, celebs who wear clothes which we can probably get a similar one for less. Well, by celebs I mean mostly Selena Gomez haha.


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1 // Vanessa Hudgens is literally my style icon. I love the ‘boho’ vibe she gives off and lets be real, most (by most I mean 99.99999%) of the time, her outfits are on point.

2 // Deepika Padukone’s jumpsuit. YES. The rich cobalt blue colour is just gorgeous! And the jumpsuit with a v neck and cap sleeves. Uhh YES please!

3 // Selena Gomez – another style icon. I love love love all of her outfits (as you can see below from adding her twice hehe). Her clothes are just so elegant, classy and probably something we can all pull off and get for inexpensive in regular shops.


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1 // Selena Gomez again makes an appearance. Is it summer, autumn, winter, or spring where she is? Who cares, because you can wear it pretty much all year around. Except maybe not in summer… Maybe.

2 // Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery – PLL anyone?!). Ahh a high neck top and cute skirt – simple yet super stylish!

3 // Selena Gomez AGAIN, AGAIN. Can you tell that I just adore her style? 🙂

Okay, I’m noticing a black clothing trend going on here… whoops! Who are some of your fashion icons?