I’ve been away for a loooooong time. Way too loooong. But it’s okay because uni is well and truly over, goodbye 2nd year, and helloo third year! But that’s not until next year. So, safe to say… I’m back with a ‘faves’ post!

Today’s post is a monthly recap post. During the university semester, whenever I had just received an assignment brief, I would hop onto pinterest to start gathering ideas and coming up with concepts. This is design talk here. Being an architecture student, assignments are partly about taking inspiration from others and altering it to make it your own. For this, PINTEREST has been a saviour! Most of my ideas come from pinterest and whenever I’m struggling to finish off an assignment, I go on pinterest and wander about for a good 30 minutes and then off i go to power work on my assignment. I tell ya, pinterest does actually get my creative juices flowing. So, what better way to start off my weekly posts than with a recap of my month!

With architecture inspirations to fashion and beauty, (read HERE for an archi/fashion inspiration post!) I bet you will want to hop onto pinterest right now! And give me a follow HERE if you fancy makeup looks, sweater weather inspiration, zucchini chips recipes (it’s actually SO delicious), health & fitness and also, other motivation every now and then!


1 / 2 / 3

All of these are my current favourites. High ceiling windows, simple white quilted bedspreads and lastly, probably my most favourite, the last picture, surrounded by nature – eeek, holiday destination for sure!



4 / 5 / 6

Spring has sprung, summer is here and you all know what that means! Pretty dresses and cute playsuit season! Woop. These three outfits are just the perfect summer outfit. I’d have to say  #6 is my fave out of them all though! Just the pretty pattern and that gorgeous colour. SOLD.


7 / 8 / 9

Beauty wise, the layered hair cut is goals. Doesn’t it just look perfect for summer?! I’m not quite sure if I’m willing to cut my hair that short but it’s still definitely pinterest worthy! AND that nail polish… such a pretty cream/off white colour, again, perfect for summer!

And lastly, scrubs have been a MUST! Since summer has arrived, it’s time to scrub a dub dub and get ready for shorts, dresses and pool weather. I’ve been loving a simple sugar scrub – recipe coming soon! But if you’re more into flavours, THIS coffee scrub is perfect! Or if you’re completely in the relaxing mood and aren’t willing to make your own, give FRANK a try. Can’t go wrong!

What are some your favourite trends right now?