If you missed my BLOGMAS DAY 1 post where I talked about all things DECEMBER, then go and give that a read first! December means time to get festive! Christmas decor, Christmas songs and Christmas food are just some of the things I’m excited about. But there’s nothing like sitting down and binge watching Christmas films that start to roll around on TV. I love watching Christmas movies in the lead up to Christmas and thought I’d do a post on what I’m going to be binge watching in this year’s lead up to Christmas!


This classic animated movie is set on Christmas Eve where a young boy gets a journey of his lifetime on the ‘Polar Express’. It gets you into the Christmas spirit and is just an all around good movie with a great storyline. The setting in it is also super festive and christmassy and makes me wish for a White Christmas!


This comedy movie is about a couple who plans on skipping Christmas to go off on a cruise. However on Christmas Eve, things don’t go to plan (I don’t’ want to ruin the storyline for those who haven’t seen it yet!). This is probably one of my favourite Christmas movie to watch in December. I love everything about this movie – especially all the festive decor and the setting! The houses in this movie with their Christmas lighting and decor is seriously goals!


I’m sure you’ve all seen Home Alone at least once in your life! Home Alone is my all time favourite movie. Even if it’s not December or Christmas, I’ll still watch the movie multiple times throughout the year. But it’s just that extra special during Christmas.


BUDDY the elf! Who doesn’t love this movie?!


This is a different Christmas movie. It’s not all about the Christmas lighting and decor but it is still a festive movie where you get to see two different countries and the differences of them. Who doesn’t love a Christmas rom com!

And there we have it, some of my all time Christmas faves. Now you all know what I’ll be binge watching this month! What are some of your favourite Christmas films to watch?