As you all probably know by now, I am a huge PINTEREST fan. I love pinning different things and getting inspiration from Pinterest. I mainly only used to use it for my ARCHITECTURE ASSIGNMENTS but since uni has finished for the semester, I found myself looking more and more into Pinterest while I was travelling on the bus or when I’ve got some spare time. One of my favourite things about December and the Christmas time is seeing all the Christmas decor and the Christmas Lights everyone puts up. I actually get excited about these things! Being as excited as I am, I really wanted to find inspiration for Christmas Decor and Lighting. And pinterest being pinterest, I hopped on there and pinned A LOT of Christmas inspired pins. So if you’re still on the hunt for Christmas Decor ideas for your Christmas party or if you’re in a last minute panic because you haven’t yet found a gift for someone, then read on because I’ve got your back with inspirations!

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS – Christmas Tree Decor, Makeshift Tree Decor, Christmas Terrariums

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CHRISTMAS DIY GIFT IDEAS – Mint Sugar Scrub, Infused Oil, Peppermint Bath Bombs

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CHRISTMAS FOOD – Gingerbread No Bake Cheesecake, Christmas Tree Brownies, Strawberry and Vanilla Macaroon trifle 

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I hope I inspired some, if not all of you on making last minute Christmas DIY gifts or whipping up a delicious Christmas feast!
What is your favourite thing about Christmas?