If you’re running around looking for inspiration on what you can wear to that Christmas Party or New Years Eve Party you have, then look no more – I’ve got you covered. This fab Style Guide below was sent to me by THE BLACK TUX. And it makes your life easier. Literally. Whether it’s having to dress casual, professional or formal, the guides tells you how to go about it! And, I’ve got your back with three different styling options I’ve put together following the guide to make life easy for you all and hopefully inspire you! Read the guide below to have a general idea on how to dress this holiday season! Plus for the gents read on for the voucher code to get $20 off on your Tuxedo and Suit rental from THE BLACK TUX!






For something simple and casual yet still very festive, I would go for some blue denim skinny jeans with an off shoulder top. The great thing about this outfit choice is that you can let the accessories do the talking and choose to either go all out or keep it simple! Either way, the simple top and jeans gives you endless opportunities to get festive with either gold accessories or other festive colours! For this, I let the gold shine through with the choice of the clutch and the accessories.


For a casual menswear look, I would keep it simple with a sport coat and dark jeans to match your partner. This look is comfy yet casual and paired with dark brown loafers and a simple brown elegant watch, you’ll also look super festive! To borrow something similar to this look, go for this NAVY SUIT.





Holiday season is the perfect excuse to get dressed up. My suggestion is to embrace the Christmas and New Year sparkle and shimmer by wearing something silver and sparkly to shine at your party. A gorgeous silver cocktail dress is perfect when paired with black and silver clutch and black pumps. If you’re feeling extra festive, I’d say to go for red and gold accessories and use gems to appear professional yet festive!


To match your partner and to appear professional yet festive, a dark coloured suit paired with a silver tie will have you feeling comfortable and ready to party! To shop this similar look, go for the NOTCHED LAPEL TUXEDO and these BLACK PATENT LEATHER SHOES.










If you’re going somewhere extra fancy or just feel like getting dressed up, this gorgeous red evening gown is the perfect outfit for that. The long satin red dress with a gold belt will have you looking elegant and festive at that party. Plus, the high low style of the dress is super stylish and unique and adds to the whole look, screaming ‘FORMAL’. Paired with gold pumps and a satin clutch, you’ll be the star at the party!


Keep it formal with a dark tux paired with a red bowtie to match your partner. The outfit look (minus the bowtie) is the KENNEDY OUTFIT straight from THE BLACK TUX. I wanted to keep it simple yet make it look festive so I’ve added some gold cufflinks which will also compliment your partner Oh and also, theres a new VELVET JACKET TUXEDO. It’s the ultimate party Tuxedo to shine! Go check it out and treat yourself to one!




So.. you’ve got your outfit sorted, but does your partner have all of his ready?! If not, don’t worry! I’ve got your back there. Your one stop for partying without a worry is THE BLACK TUX. THE BLACK TUX is a suit/tux rental company. But wait a minute… we’re not just talking about any ‘Tux rental company’. For this, you get to borrow a tailored tux suited to your liking all from your couch. Yes, you don’t have to leave to go get it – they ship it to you and makes sure its sent to you a week before your event. And it only gets better from here. You’ll have plenty of time to try on the outfit and make sure everything fits as it should. If it doesn’t, you can get a different size within 48 hours of receiving your order. You can also take it to get tailored and they reimburse you up to a certain amount! They’ve literally thought of everything! From quality to value to convenience, they’ve got your back 100%.

So, I’m sold – if only they sold womenswear too! But for all you lovely readers, here’s a bonus – you get $20 off your purchase on TUXEDO / SUITS if you order before 22nd December! Use the code THEBLACKTUXNYE2016 for a bargain suit / tux just in time for New Years Eve!


Thank you for the fab guide THE BLACK TUX! Do you have your outfit sorted?