Goodbye 2015, hello 2016! I hope you’ve all had an amazing start to 2016! Today I wanted to talk about what’s in store for Fashion in 2016. Since it’s the holiday period, I’ve been working a lot and it’s interesting to see how trends change constantly. One day it’s a simple off shoulder black dress (minimalist) and the next day its a colourful maxi dress with reds, blues oranges and greens mixed together. This makes me want to buy everything there because it’s just so different each time. I’ve been buying them straight away as it’s something new every week and I feel if I don’t, I’ll probably miss out on it. But, I buy them, guilt free as I think ‘I’ll return this later!’ (which in fact I don’t = GUILTY!) and consequently seeing my bank account getting lower and lower (basically RIP bank account). Being surrounded by clothes and seeing the trends change every few weeks got me thinking about what 2016 holds for the ‘Fashion World’. Will it be Minimalist fashion (less is more) again or will it be Maximalist (more is more) fashion?

But wait. Let me paint you a picture. Imagine this. A girl wearing a plain black shift dress paired with black leather heeled boots. Now, imagine this. A girl wearing a simple grey top paired with a red, orange and yellow pants and a brown fur coat with bits of red, orange and yellow through it. I’m not sure which one is more ‘you’ but I am definitely the plain black shift dress and boots kinda gal. It’s up to your taste – either the simple champs (Minimalist) or the excess champs (Maximalist). In 2015, Minimalism was at height with cute shift dresses, high necked dresses, denims and suede skirts. In 2016 will we see the same? Or will it be bold on bold, colours on colours and pattern on patterns? For me, I’m not much of excess styling girl, but I can assure you, I do love some of the styles some people pull off. It’s not to my taste but hey, if you’re one of stylish excess dressers, I envy ya.





Which one is more ‘you’ and which one will you be conquering in 2016?