If you’re in need of a new nail polish, read on to find out about a really pretty top coat nail polish with confetti and glitter through it to dazzle your nails! 

I’ve been wanting a new nail polish for ages and when I saw this BYS Confetti Top Coat Nail Polish sitting on the shelves at the store, I was sold! This ‘Confetti Party Popper’ is a clear nail polish with purple and white confetti through it. There’s sparkles, sprinkles and everything in it to dazzle up your nails from a plain colour. It’s super pretty and as it’s a top coat, not only does it make your nails look super pretty, but also makes your nails strong at the same time!

I tried the top coat on top of both white and black nail polish to see which one looked better. Both white and black nail polish under the confetti top coat were super pretty but I definitely like the black nail polish better as the purple really shines through and sparkles with this. And if you’re wondering, the black nail polish I’m wearing is Onyx Rush by Maybelline. Although this top coat nail polish is more like a spring nail polish, I don’t even care because it’s so PRETTTTYY! Especially when it sparkles in the sun!  

The top coat glides onto your nails easily and sets hard within a few minutes. It does also last for agessss on your nails which is always a bonus! The only teeny downside to this top coat is that the confetti becomes quite hard to take off your nails as it really sticks on and is super stubborn! But if you’re patient, cotton ball and nail polish remover over and over on your nails will do the trick! And if you’ve got any tips on getting rid of glittery nail polish easily, please let me know!

What is your favourite nail polish at the moment?