For a while now I’ve been wanting a simple but meaningful bracelet which I can wear alongside my Pandora bracelet. When Onecklace contacted me and offered me one of their products from their website, I was super thrilled as they offered exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Onecklace has an impressive collection and since I’ve been wanting a simple bracelet for ages, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to grab a beautiful yet simple bracelet.

Onecklace offers beautiful and fashionable customised jewellery. Their collections offer plated or pure sterling silver and pure gold or gold plated jewellery. Hopping onto their website, I wanted EVERYTHING! Their necklaces are super cute and personalised, their rings and earrings are super elegant and gorgeous and their bracelets are incredible! I hopped onto the bracelet category and chose the 24K Gold Plated Curly Monogram Bracelet*.

The bracelet arrived within a few weeks and I was super impressed with their quality. Firstly, their packaging is amazing! My bracelet came in a beautiful little jewellery box with a gift bag. Alongside, there was also a certificate of authenticity in there.

Inside the little jewellery box was the beautiful 24K Gold Plated Curly Monogram Bracelet. The bracelet has my initials – GS on it. The bracelet can be personalised to your own liking by choosing the size you’re after, initials you want on the bracelet and also your desired chain length.

The bracelet is simple with the plain gold chain but the curly initials make the bracelet personalised, elegant and beautiful. The quality of the bracelet is also incredible – the chain is strong and the initials pendant isn’t too thin. Onecklace not only offers cute jewellery for yourself but can also be the perfect gift for someone! With Mother’s Day coming up, this could be THE gift you’ve been looking for! Did I mention they offer free worldwide delivery? YEP, it’s true! And all my lovely readers get 10% off your purchase on the website by using the code tog10 ! Go and grab yourself a bargain!

Do you own any personalised jewellery?

*Items gifted. Read my full disclaimer here.