When I’m about to go travelling by plane, I’m most excited by the fact that the airport has a Victoria’s Secret store. It’s super hard to find Victoria’s Secret where I live. So, when I was about to go travelling, I decided to pop into the Victoria’s Secret store and grab a few beauty things. Here’s a little haul of what I grabbed! I’ll certainly be doing mini reviews on each of the individual products as I gradually use them all.

I picked up the Passion Struck Let’s Get Lost Weekend Pampering Kit which contains a little hand and body cream, a fragrance mist and a body lotion. I also picked up the Sensual Blush body and hand cream / lotion because it just smelt incredible and super elegant. I also then decided to pick up a body butter which will be great for this dry winter here in Australia! The body butter I picked up was the Love Addict Body Butter. This body butter smells amazingggg and it looks super rich and thick which will be incredible for this climate! Basically, I bought them all because they smell incredible (why else would you buy beauty products? haha) but also because they look super pretty! I’m so excited to use them all! Look out for my mini reviews on these products over the following weeks!

What are your favourites from Victoria’s Secret?