So I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone and decided to do an outfit post. To celebrate the recent launch of Farfetch‘s new partnership with Apple Music and their collaboration with soul artist Maxwell, I was invited to participate in a competition Farfetch is running. Now, if you are wondering who or what Farfetch is, Farfetch is a fashion boutique which offers high end ‘forward thinking fashion’. Before I go into the competition, I just wanted to share a few ways for you to discover Maxwell – Maxwell’s film here or through an editorial story here. Farfetch have also launched two new exciting playlists on Apple Music which you can check out here

Now onto the competition. The competition was to recreate a look from a Music Artist. The look has to be fashion forward and reminiscent of the icon. For my recreation, I have chosen Rihanna. When I think of Rihanna, I think of her effortless chic style which she just pulls off SO well. I’m not too sure if I could ever pull that off, however, when I came across Rihanna’s love for baggy, sheer clothes with a touch of femininity to it, I was instantly sold. I chose a few different outfits as inspiration from Rihanna and decided to combine them to create an outfit inspired by her. The Rihanna look outfits I’ve chosen are super cute and very stylish and I couldn’t wait to get started on a outfit look inspired by her.

So, combining Rihanna’s love for oversized clothing, baggy pants, sheer clothes and black on black trend, here is my recreation of Rihanna’s style.

I’ve seen Rihanna wear lots of sheer baggy clothes while rocking a red lip and wearing sunnies. So, I really wanted to incorporate those features into my outfit post as I think it really screams ‘Rihanna’ as an overall look. 

Whilst looking through Rihanna’s images for outfit inspiration, I found that through most of Rihanna’s black on black outfits, she has subtle detailing which really adds to the overall outfit. Whether it adds a touch of class, grunge or street casual, I found this top to do something similar. To an otherwise plain all black outfit, I love the black leather detailing as it adds interest to the overall outfit. 

The cropped top was one of the biggest inspiration I took from Rihanna’s outfit choices.

I’ve gone through Farfetch and found some similar tops, pants and shoes to mine which I will link below! 




I really like these sheer Palazzo pants I got. Here’s a similar one on Farfetch by MCQ Alexander Mcqueen. They can certainly be dressed up or down and can also be worn casually. They are also SUPER comfy and I would highly recommend them in the summer because they’re very airy and light. These sheer palazzo pants paired with the black crop was very much inspired by Rihanna and her style of black on black, sheer outfits and also casual with a touch of chic.

I decided to wear black heels for this as it is mainly what Rihanna wears when she styles a black on black outfit. 

And, if you’re wondering, my sunnies are from Quay!

And there we have it. An outfit recreation of Rihanna. I had A LOT of fun recreating Rihanna’s look and would love to know what you guys think!