What if I told you its possible to brush your hair AND get it straight AND be out your door in about 15 minutes?! It totally is possible with Irresistible Me! I’ve been seeing straightening hair brushes EVERYWHERE and I’ve always wanted to give them a go. I don’t usually straighten my hair just because it’s so thick and long and straightening would certainly take a long time for me. When Irresistible Me contacted me and offered this Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Tourmaline brush*, I was thrilled.

The packaging it comes in is absolutely gorgeous. The colour of the brush on the other hand, I can’t express how gorgeous it is! It’s such a beautiful aqua colour and is quite lightweight. The handles for the brush has a good grip and is very comfortable to hold.

The hair brush has a swivel cord which makes it so much easier for you to straighten your hair properly and it also has an automatic shut off system which is a bonus if you tend to forget to turn things off! The brush heats up to a maximum of 230 degrees, which is optimal for those with thick hair (aka, ME!). The brush also has a fancy LCD display which tells you the temperature of the straightener. It only took a few seconds for the straighter to heat up to the 230 degrees which I’m super impressed with.   

Although I’ve got super long (sometimes frizzy) hair, this brush was virtually effortless to use and made my hair straight and silky smooth in a matter of minutes. My hair wasn’t pin straight like it usually is with normal straighteners but I think it’s pretty close. I actually prefer it this way – it looks very natural! And, what was even better was that it the frizz disappeared after using this and left me with soft smooth manageable. 

I’m super happy with the way my hair has turned out after using this straightening brush and I would certainly recommend it to everyone! Check out the Tourmaline Straightening Brush if you want effortless straight hair!

What are your thoughts on hair brush straighteners? 

         *Item gifted. Read my full disclaimer here.