I don’t really own any long coats as I find that it’s not too cold to wear them during Winter here. But this year, I’ve really been into coats. Cold or not, I would probably wear this coat just because it’s so pretty. I’ve been wanting a Dusty Pink Coat for ages now and haven’t had much luck in finding them. But, when I was online shopping on Boohoo, I came across this Tracy Shawl Collar Wool Look Duster Coat and I was immediately sold. Sure, it’s not dusty pink but I love the colours and the style of this coat. And plus, it also looked super warm and cosy. When this coat arrived, I was super impressed. The material is great and soft and it feels light but also very warming. So I thought I’d share with you my favourite Winter coat at the moment!


The coat is super comfy to wear. I love styling the coat over black jeans and a black top or even over dress and stockings. The coat has a hood on the back which is great when it’s that extra cold and windy. It also keeps me VERY warm.

I also really loveee the colour of this coat and the contrast between the grey outer colour and the darker inner colour. The black edge trim on the coat adds to the stylishness of the coat. The coat also has pockets on the front which is ideal if you’re carrying your phone or other valuables. I’ve basically been wearing this a lot and I’m obsessed!