So I had my design ball (university ball) last week and when it came to finding a dress which I liked, it was such a struggle. I went to two different shopping malls, went to a lot of different stores and walked around for agesss to find a dress. Even online shopping didn’t help because a) I didn’t see anything I liked and b) everything was too expensive. And I think most of you would probably have or will come across a similar dilemma! But I came across an interesting website – after I got my dress though *sigh* and thought I should share with you. So it’s called Catalogues 247 which is a website which offers a variety of different fashion websites for women, men and even young women and allows you to shop online in the comfort of your own home.

Now this is a relatively new website I’ve found but I just love the concept of it. This website offers Womens Fashion Catalogues. There are a wide range of catalogues from large to petite to plus size which is just great as it covers a variety of groups. The concept of this is that they provide you with a variety of websites which allow you to online shop in the comfort of your own home with different payment options such as now and pay later. This is a great option as it offers a variety of products and an offers an even bigger range than you see at normal online stores. There are also a variety of discount codes that they offer to help you save lotsaaaa money! Though I must say that they don’t only do fashion catalogues. They have electronics, furniture and so on as well!

Have you ever done catalogue shopping?