It’s almost December and that means two things – both Summer and Christmas are almost here! While it’s been a very confusing spring with cold windy days, hot nights and vice versa, I’m sure summer will be filled with warmer days and warmer nights. In preparation for those warmer days and endless pool / beach swims, I thought I’d share with you all a few things I’m doing to prep myself.


During the winter the skin gets drier and I get lazier by putting on some jeans and jumpers and forgetting about moisturising my skin. Now fortunately, there’s a quick cure to rejuvenate your skin and bring it back to normal. Aaaaaand that’s a scrub followed by a hydrating body lotion. A scrub can instantly bring your skin back to life and give it a lovely glow and colour. Followed with a hydrating body lotion (mentioned below), your skin will be ready for the cute playsuits, dresses and shorts! I’ve been using a simple Sugar and Oil Scrub.


Everyone tends to forget the lips when it comes to ‘prepping for the summer’. But, my lips tend to get super dry and cracked during the winter and usually, during the spring and summer too. I’ve found a good solution to smooth out cracks on my lips and bring it back to life! All I do is use a simple lip scrub on them every few weeks and this has caused them to stay moisturised after applying lip balm and just look more hydrated in general. My favourite has been Lush’s Mint Julips Scrub. This scrub certainly helps A LOT in helping maintain those soft and plump lips.


Body lotions are an essential for me during the summer. Although during the summer you want something a bit lighter and something that won’t be greasy, body lotions definitely ensures that you have a glowing and hydrated skin. My favourite currently has been Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion. It goes on smooth and as soon as it’s absorbed, you’ll notice that your skin is much more brighter and glowing. 


What’s the secret to going from dry dull winter skin to a bright glowing skin? FACE MASKS! A scrub will definitely help get rid of those dry, dead skin but a face mask will help bring the colour back into your skin and keep your face looking hydrated and glowing. I’ve been using 7th Heaven’s Dead Sea Mud Mask and been loving it as it gives you soft skin and a healthy glow in a mater of minutes! 


I love perfumes in the winter but during the spring I’ve been loving fragrance mists. I feel for summer and those extra hot days where you just want to keep refreshing, fragrance mists will be the perfect way to go as they are much lighter than perfumes. Fragrance mists are also much more affordable and they come in a variety of scents to suit just about everyone! I have been loving Victoria’s Secret’s Mango Temptation scent so far! It’s the perfect summer/fruity scent.

What are some of your Summer beauty essentials?