My favourite thing about watching red carpet events such as the Emmys, Met Gala or the Oscars is seeing how celebs dress up for this. From designer dresses to jewellery to the glamorous makeup looks, I love when these events happen. So, this year, I thought I’d blog about some of my favourites and not so favourite looks from the American Music Awards (AMAs) 2016.

• • • • • FAVES #1 • • • • •

Selena Gomez / Gigi Hadid / Hailee Steinfield

I feel like Selena Gomez definitely stole the show in that stunning red Prada dress. It’s simple yet super elegant and classy and the colour is so vibrant! Gigi Hadid also looked stunning in the gorgeous white lace dress by Roberto Cavalli. The lace makes the outfit look very elegant and the style makes it perfect for the red carpet. Thirdly, Hailee Steinfield wore this gorgeous green / khaki / olive romper by Elie Saab. Yes it’s different to the usual gown style outfits seen but I really like the style of it and thought it was stunning with the added cape.

• • • • • FAVES #2 • • • • •

Ariana Grande / Juliane Hough / Jeannie Mai

I don’t know what it is but I feel like Ariana Grande can look fab in just about anything. Although not the usual red carpet style outfit, her formal look with lace bustier top and Alexander McQueen pants was certainly a very memorable outfit. Now let’s talk about Julianne Hough’s outfit. I was shocked (in a good way!) when I saw her in this short ice blue outfit. She wears Zuhair Murad tattoo effect bodysuit paired with an ice blue skirt. I think both the colour and the style is simply stunning. I especially like the high neck style and the long sleeves – very classy! And moving onto the third one, Jeannie Mai rocks a gorgeous white Francesca Miranda column dress with the metallic embroidery on it. I think this is a unique pattern from what we usually see but it just works with the whole red carpet ‘vibe’. The metallic print is stunning as it allows lights to be reflect off it, causing different shades and pattern on it throughout the glamorous night.

• • • • • NOT SO FAVES • • • • •

Tinashe / Rebecca Romjin / Nina Dobrev


And lastly these outfits were the ones I was a bit unsure about. I feel like they’re a little tacky and doesn’t really scream ‘red carpet’. Each to their own though! Firstly, Tinashe in Michael Costello. While I don’t mind the style, i feel it’s not really appropriate for the red carpet. Similar to this, Rebecca Romjin’s high-low outfit was also a bit of a miss for me. I like the bottom half and the style of it but not too convinced with the fully sheer style of the top half. And last but not least, let’s talk about Nina Dobrev’s outfit. She’s usually my favourite when it comes to these red carpet events but I’m not 100% onboard with this outfit. While it looks sunning, I’m not too sure if this Zuhair Mirad blazer and shorts was ‘red carpet’ enough.

Which were your favourites from the glamorous night?