If you read my previous post, you’d know that I’m heading over to the UK in Jan 2017. Ever since I applied to study abroad in the UK, there were a few places within Europe which always made me excited to head over to. It’s the atmosphere, the Architecture, the Fashion and the Food which makes me super excited to visit these few places in Europe. I thought I’d share with you a ‘Fashion Blogger’s’ European Wanderlust.

• • • • • LONDON, ENGLAND • • • • •

I follow and read many bloggers from the UK and specifically, London. Reading their blogs about winter fashion and the exciting places to visit while in London, makes me super excited to head over there. From talented designers to designer fashion outlets (hellooo Harrods), I’m just super excited to visit! I also really would like to go and explore the shops along Oxford Street (which I’ve heard SO much about)!

• • • • • PARIS, FRANCE • • • • •

Of course, Paris fashion week is the number one event on my list to visit whilst in Paris. Even though I may not able to attend Paris fashion week while I am over there, I’m super excited to see everyone’s outfits and the beautiful Architecture. I recently got the book Love, Style, Life by Garance Dore and Garance reflects on Parisian vs New York life. The Parisian life, while very different to New York, sounds dreamy. I’m also excited to ‘dress like a Parisian’ while in Paris and watch and observe everyone’s fashionable street style!

• • • • • MILAN, ITALY • • • • •

Not gonna lie here, I think the thing I’m most excited about visiting Italy for is the food. Pizza, pasta, tiramisu, I’m sold. But, I’m also very excited for the Fashion and the different fashion outlets in Milan. I can’t wait to visit the fashion district of Milan and explore the local and luxurious brands this district has to offer.

What are some places in Europe you’ve visited / want to visit?