Hiiii everyone! As you all know by now, I started this blog as ‘touchofgucci’ because my real name sounds a whole lot similar to Gucci and the name just went well with what my blog was going to be about – fashion and beauty.

However, this year, as the cliche saying ‘new year, new me’, I’ve decided to get more serious about my blog and finally take the plunge into buying myself a domain and giving my blog a makeover with a new template along with changing my blogging platform from blogger to wordpress – all of this will be taken care of by pipdig! And as my blog has progressed through the past year and a half and gaining more readers and more subscribers, it’s made me question on whether or not I should continue using ‘gucci’ in my blog name due to legal reasons.

And finally, I’ve decided to steer away from using a brand name in my blog name and change my name to ‘touchofgs‘. I ¬†wanted to keep the ‘touchof’ part as it’s a representation of my thoughts and I also decided to personalise this a bit more by adding my initials, G S into the blog name. This way, it’s similar to my previous blog name but it’s got my own personal name. And it’s also basically, a touch of me. I’ll still be blogging about the same things – fashion, beauty, life & travelling (as I’m heading over to the UK very soooon!!). And all of my old blog posts will still be on this blog despite the name change.

This change will be happening over the next couple of days and as I mentioned before, all thanks to Pipdig. I’ll have a brand new blog name – touchofgs (although it’s not too different), brand new blogging platform (wordpress) and a brand new template – very exciting!

I’ll also be changing the usernames of all my social media sites. But if you want to stay up to date on the change/progress, pleaseeee follow me on these sites below! (I’ll also update this post with my updated usernames / profiles once I’ve made the changes!).





I’m super excited for these changes to happen and hope you all support me and follow me on my transition and continue to keep reading my blog!