So many of you liked my post and photos about my trip to Bath that I thought I’d continue again with my photos and experiences of the trips I’ve so far been on. This time, it was to Stonehenge and Winchester! I’m sure you all know what Stonehenge is so I won’t bother explaining. But, Winchester is in New Hampshire. Much like Bath, Winchester has gorgeous historical buildings and just really pretty architecture. Everything in Winchester (again, like Bath) is like something out of a storybook!

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos I captured while exploring these places! I also took a few video clips which I’ll edit and upload a little bit later on!

• • • • • STONEHENGE • • • • •

• • • • • WINCHESTER • • • • •

Seeing Stonehenge was veryyyyy surreal and I’d definitely recommend going there! The story behind it and the museum after is also very interesting! And finally, Winchester was a pretty little town with beautiful scenery. Every place I’ve been to so far in England is just so picturesque and so British with the architecture and the surroundings!

Have you ever been to either of these places?