Hiiiii everyone! So I just wanted to do a post to give you all a little update and to also let you know that I’m finally back to blogging regularly after settling in at the UK! I’ve also got a brand new website and brand new blog / domain name which I’m also super excited about!

And also, I wanted to share my ring collection with you all. This was something I was meant to write up on the plane from Australia to London but chose to watch movies for a straight 8 hours instead (lol). Before coming into the UK, I had bought this ring pack with these gorgeous rose gold rings in it which I wanted to blog about because they were just SO pretty!! But sadly, I left them all behind at home and forgot to pack them (ARGHHHH). I was contemplating on wether or not I should still write this post but decided I would anyway with the few photos I have of them because these rings are just super pretty and can really be worn as both an everyday ring or for something a bit more fancy.

While I was still in Australia, I received a new camera (to take on my Europe / UK adventures) and my mum had taken a few photos of me wearing the rings. I was meant to take more photos so that I could share them all with you but lol at me, I didn’t. But guuuuuys, the rings are so pretty and anything rose gold / gold is 100% YES YES YESSS for me.

I love pairing both the rose gold and the gold ones together because the shape of these rings and the style work so well together. Not to mention the colours too! Surprisingly, both the rose gold and gold go so well together!

I got these rings from Lovisa and they both came in a pack with 5 other rings. They were at such a good price, I just had to pick them up!

I’ve got a whole jewellery box filled with rings and I keep buying more. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with rings haha.

Do you have an obsession with rings?