If you read my previous posts, you’d know I’m finally in the UK! While the past week has been super busy, last weekend, I had the opportunity to go and visit Bath in the UK. Bath is approximately 180km from London and it’s a gorgeous little town. It’s super picturesque with great historical architecture. So, as promised I thought I’d share with you my travels and a few photos I took while in Bath!

••••• THE CIRCUS •••••

The City of Bath features lots of curved Architectural landmarks. Alongside The Royal Crescent (which you’ll see below) is the Circus. The Circus features three curved segments of townhouses with a grassy green space in the middle with tall trees. It’s super picturesque and beautiful!


Ohmygod. The Pulteney Bridge is SO PRETTY. There’s a weir / mini waterfall in the centre and there are also cute little stores and cafes along the side of this – imagine the views! Honestly so pretty and definitely worth visiting if you live near Bath!

••••• ROYAL CRESCENT •••••

The Royal Crescent is another gorgeous circular Architectural masterpiece in Bath. The circular form is made of gorgeous Georgian townhouses and flats. There are a lot of fascinating stories which go about this crescent (such as an odd yellow door among the plain white ones) and it’s really interesting and definitely worth visiting.

Have you ever been to Bath?