It’s been a while since I’ve done a ootd/fashion post. So, I thought today I’d share with you a cropped sweater I picked up for the Spring! Usually for spring, I wear muted colours/pastels and floral patterns. However, this year I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone – that is, the blacks, greys and whites and decided to take the plunge. It’s a twist from the norm (spring colours) but I picked up this gorgeous Red Cropped Sweater for Spring.

Back in Australia, I hadn’t really shopped at Zara, however, being here in the UK and heading into Zara, I’ve wanted to buy EVERYTHING at the store! 80% of the clothes at Zara at the moment are so pretty and stylish. I love the big sleeves and the gingham patterns that Zara has at the moment, so, as I was walking by Zara, I saw this red cropped sweater and I just HAD to pick it up.


I really like clothes with exaggerated / big sleeves which I’m sure you would have already known if you have read my last spring edit on Exaggerated sleeves or my Zaful post. So, I picked this sweater up because it’s 1. super pretty but also 2. the sleeves are just perfect to wear for Spring! The colour is also superrrrr nice and bright – perfect for Spring!

Since it was a pretty cold day, I decided to wear the sweater with plain black jeans and a black scarf. The top is a statement on it’s own and it’s super warm and comfy!

Sweater: ZARA
Scarf: MYER


Have you picked anything up from Zara lately?