If you read my last two Spring Edits (first here, second here), you’d know I’m doing this mini series up until Spring and it’s all about my favourite trends and what I’m looking forward to wearing in Spring. So, here is my third post of my Spring Edit and it’s all about the exaggerated sleeves! I have been obsessed with a plain top with an exaggerated / frilly / bell sleeve. I’ve bought so many things the past week which have exaggerated sleeves just because I can’t get enough! So, here are a few things I think will be great to wear out during Spring!

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When Spring comes around, flowy tops and flowy dresses are a must. So, why not take the extra step with these exaggerated sleeves?! I love all of these and think they will look SO good in spring! I loveeee the fifth one because I feel like it’s so versatile and could be worn with literally anything. You can tuck it in, leave it out, pair it with shorts – AHHH WANT. I’ve already invested in a cropped exaggerated sleeved sweater from Zara and I’m so excited to wear it out!

Are you a fan of exaggerated sleeves?