Hiiiii everyone!! I can’t believe it’s already March! Since being here in the UK, it’s my first time celebrating Spring in March and OMG I’m so excited. I’m excited for pinafores, dusty pinks, florals and flowy and exaggerated sleeves. So, I wanted to put together a little Spring Wishlist to share with you all! I’ve decided to turn this into a mini ‘Spring Edit’ series so it’s not super long and boring for you all to read. The first of my series is the Pinafores!

• • • • • PINAFORES • • • • •

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I’ve really been into pinafores this winter and wanted to share with you all a few I’ve been loving! Since coming to the UK in Jan and it being winter, I’ve been loving styling pinafores with a long sleeved turtleneck top and stockings and boots. But, for the spring, I’m super excited to style them with cropped tops, sleeveless high neck tops and cute sandals. With that being said, the first Rust Suede pinafore is probably my favourite one out of all of them! The colour is just so gorgeous and the pinafore acts as a statement on its own!

Aaaaand that’s my first Spring Edit with Pinafores! Stay tuned for my next Spring Edit – The Ginghams!

How do you style your pinafores?