I think one of the places I was most excited about visiting within the UK was Brighton. I’ve heard such great things about Brighton including how it’s a little seaside town with lots to do. So, when the day finally came where I was able to visit this cute town, I was stoked.  Despite a few bus malfunctions on the day, we finally managed to arrive into Brighton at around midday.

The weather was definitely on the chilly side (should’ve guessed that seaside town = super windy!) but it was a super fun day. We managed to explore the town, visit the pier, eat fish and chips while also going on a few of the rides on Brighton Pier. I do wish we had another whole day there because we didn’t get to head into the shopping centre or explore the inner city but, the pier was enough to grasp what a beautiful town Brighton really is.

Here are a few of the images I captured whilst being at Brighton! I also made a little travel vlog of my trip to Brighton which I’ve linked at the very end of this post!

Aaaaand that’s a little glimpse into what I got up to in Brighton! I probably took a few 10000 pics (maybe an exaggeration, maybe not hehe) but if you’d like to see more of what I got up to in Brighton, I made a little travel vlog (linked below)!

Have you been to Brighton?