If you missed Part One of my Sydney Travel post, click here to read that! But I’m back with part two – YAY! This time, I’ll be giving you guys a glimpse into the city and the Darling Harbour! Aaaaaand I’ve been posting a lot lately (of my Sydney travels & more!) on Instagram if you want to follow me on that 🙂


• • • • • • • • THE CITY • • • • • • • •

Sydney CBD is so nice to walk around in. It’s not overly crowded during the morning which is great but can get quite busy during late morning/afternoon. Nevertheless, it’s still great to walk around and explore the CBD on foot. We walked from the CBD to the Opera House and the Darling Harbour which was realllly nice because you really do get to see more of the city when you walk around.


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• • • • • • • • DARLING HARBOUR • • • • • • • •

Darling Harbour is a long strip of walkway adjacent to the CBD. There’s so much happening here – markets, people busking and when we were there, Comic Con was happening so we got to see lots of superheroes walking about! One side of the harbour (in the pic below – the closest side with the flags) had little stalls set up with food, jewellery, clothing and other items. The other side has a lot of open area to just sit and relax and walk the world go by. There’s also a cheeky ferris wheel on this side too!

And that concludes my Sydney travel post. Sydney is definitely SO much busier than Brisbane but the crowd is great. There is always much happening within the city center and along the Darling Harbour and there is always something to see and do in Sydney.


Have you ever been to Sydney or even, Australia?