I recently posted this pic on instagram and so many of you loved it and were complimenting on the colour that I thought it deserved it’s own blog post so I can share with you in detail more about it. I’ve been obsessssed with gel nails but didn’t really want to go and get them done. So, after days of researching, I decided to give Revlon’s Colorstay Gen Envy Polish a go. I know this polish has been out for ages now but still wanted to share with you.

The Gel Envy range: “With patented Revlon film smoothing technology that helps provide multi-dimensional high shine, revolutionary Revlon ColorStay GelEnvy Diamond Top Coat delivers a protective coating for long-lasting strength and shine.”

For this range, you need to grab the polish shade (there’s about 39 different shades to choose from!) along with the Diamond Top Coat. Each is $16.95 – buuuut I’ve always grabbed them during sale where they can go for anywhere from $8 – $11.

If you’ve been following me for a while or have been reading my posts for a bit now, you’ll have noticed that I almost always have a lighter shade on my nails. I’m not sure why but I’ve tried to venture out to those brighter reds, softer pastels and other daring colours but I always go back to my trusty lighter nail polishes. And so, because this gel envy range is a tad costly, I wanted to grab something that I would for sure be able to wear whenever I wanted to and something I felt comfortable wearing. Because of this, I decided to grab the shade ‘All or Nothing‘. It’s a perfect shade of white where it’s not too white but also not ‘yellowey’. It’s also perfect for both Winter and Summer.

Nowwww onto the quality of the polish. So, I’ve had the polish on for about 2 weeks now and it’s still in perfect condition. It’s got a little chip on one of my nails but that happened the day I did my nails and it was definitely my fault for not letting it dry before trying to put my bobby pin on (whooooops! haha).


Overall, I’m suuuuper happy with this range and would definitely recommend it if you’re after something long lasting but also affordable. There are also a variety of shades to choose from so the options are endless, really!

Have you ever tried Revlon’s Gel Envy range?