Summmmer, summer, summer. It’s very weird here in Brisbane at the moment where the weather is super hot one day but raining and cooler the next. During Summer I’m all for comfy clothes. The comfier, the better.I was recently obsessed with culottes and my mum got a few culottes stitched for me (to feature soon on the blog!). Along with that, I also got these black wide leg pants with this white patterning on it.

I’ve seen so many people wear wide leg pants and thought ‘oh my god, they look SO comfy!’ So, when I got my hands on these pants, I couldn’t wait to wear it. As soon as I popped it on, I was immediately in love with it. Firstly, I love how comfortable they are to wear! Seriously, so breezy and perrrrfect to wear during the summer. I also love how they are high waisted – high waisted anything is YES YES YES. And thirdly, it’s super easy to style – easy to tuck in with any top really – an off shoulder top would look fab with this!


I decided to wear these pants with a frilly white top and some black sandals. It’s such a comfy summer outfit and I’m obsessed!

My pants are custom stitched buuuut here are a few similar ones I found online below!






Most of the items I’m wearing are sold out and not online anymore so I’ve found and linked below similar pieces 🙂