🍂🍁 Happppy first day of Autumn, everyone! 🍁🍂

I can’t believe that it’s already Autumn! Buut even though it’s Autumn, the weather is still very much hot and humid. And so, I wanted to share with you guys my little transition from Summer to Autumn – although right now, the transition is only relevant to the colours because of the humidity haha.

My favourite thing to wear during the summer is a dress. I meaaaan, they’re SO easy to style and they’re extremely comfy during those warm, humid months! I recently got this dress stitched when I went to India. My mum had picked out a few different types of fabric and when I headed over to India, I was able to get the fabric stitched into a dress. And cue, the most comfiest, colourful & oversize-ish dress. How prettttty is the fabric though – the colours and the ‘aztec’ style print – perrrrfect colours for Autumn!

I also picked up some gorgeous earrings when I was in India and decided to pair one of the ones I bought with this dress.


What are some of your favourite things to wear during Autumn?