Hiiiiii everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve blogged (uni has been SUPER busy!) but I’m on holidays and so, here’s a brand new post all about my favourite lip balm for the Winter (and also Summer)!

I’ve been after some all natural lip balms and have looked literally everywhere for some that actually is moisturising, long lasting AND smells nice. And after much researching and looking around, I came across these Hurraw! Premium Vegan Lip Balms. Yesss you read it right, they’re vegan!! These balms are natural, super moisturising and jam packed with natural and organic ingredients including:

Oils (almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil; Natural flavours (Anise seed, orange, ginger, lemongrass, rose, vanilla and so much more); Natural colours (purple carrot) and so much more! You can read more about that here.

They are no doubt my favourite lip balms at the moment and I keep repurchasing because they’re THAT good.


Hurraw Lip Balm Vegan All natural Organic


They come in a range of flavours from plain flavours to tinted to unscented – I can almost guarantee that there will be one that you’ll absolutely love! Their flavours range from Coconut, Cherry, Vanilla, Lime, Mint and so much more! I keep going back to repurchase to try out new flavours because they’re just SO good!! The ones I’ve tried are:

Vata- almond cardamom & rose (Dosha balm collection): This one is created based on Ayurvedic Dosha Principles and is my absolute favourite out of the ones I’ve tried. It smells and tastes incredible and is also veryyyy moisturising. (Lasts about 2 hours before having to reapply)

Chai Spice: So delicious and spicy. I love chai tea and so, this one was no doubt one of the ones I just had to try. I love it and would definitely repurchase again! (Lasts about an hour before having to reapply)

Coconut: This is one that I just recently picked up after my Vata lip balm ran out. I love this one for the scent. It’s smells straight up like Coconut and I love it. It’s also moisturising. Safe to say, I’m Loco for the Coco! (Lasts about 2-3 hours before having to reapply).



The packaging of these balms are also amazing – firstly, it’s so clean and minimal and just so pretty. And the tube shape is not round like the usual lip balms, it’s almost rectangular which makes it so much easier to fit into your pockets without having a massive bulge.



I get these balms from health stores for $6.95. It’s a tad pricey for a lip balm BUT considering it’s all natural, organic, vegan and moisturising, I definitely think it’s worth it!  It’s no doubt one of the best balms I’ve ever tried and keep going back to try out new flavours.

You can also purchase them online on Ry.com.au for $6.45:

Have you ever tried this brand before?