TOUCHOFGS is a blog I started in 2015 to share my thoughts and opinions on trends, styles, products and general life. By day I am an architecture/interior design student but when I’ve got even a tiny glimpse of spare time, I’m often out shopping for the new clothes, shoes, bags, beauty products and you know, general girly things! So, with an overwhelming amount of clothes, shoes and makeup piling up, I thought I’d start this little blog to share what I’ve got with you all!

My posts range from fashion to beauty to travel & lifestyle including reviews, outfit inspos, tips, favourites and much more as well as sharing my thoughts on products and items I’ve not enjoyed or hasn’t really done much. I found that the amount of products I had in my closet – both clothes and product wise – expanding. Soooo, welcome to my world!

I’m certainly not an expert – I’m a fashion, beauty & travel enthusiast who loves writing and therefore, thought I’d share with you all my thoughts!

If you’d like to keep up to date with me, you can find me on: